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Isn’t it a great idea to sit back at home and relax with your friends while you order drinks online? We are an online liquor store and cater to our customers who order for wine, beer, whiskey vodka, etc. We are known to offer a wide variety of liquor to choose from. Moreover, you may order in combination with soft drink and health drink as well.

We offer beer in single quantity as well as in sets to match your purchase requirement. All our products are from well-known liquor brands. We offer products that can suit every budget. Our old wines are loved by our customers and beer is the choice for the boys out there.

When you buy online liquor from our store, we promise to deliver your order on time at your doorstep. Now avoid long waiting for your favorite liquor and forget the long ques. Now you don’t require leaving the comfort of your home to fetch your favorite bottle.

Be it a party with friends or very intimate celebrations with the special one in your life, liquors are always a go-to at every phase of life. Beer is an everyday choice whereas, wine is for that special moment and whiskey for those grown-up parties or as and when you want them to be on your table. Find us at and book your first order with us.